"Flag person" in a parade or high school marching band

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All: This doubt has been bugging me ever since earlier today. I watched a Halloween parade today. It was fabulous! I hadn't seen one in years.

In it, the surrounding area high schools were represented by their marching bands, who were led by "flag wavers". You know, those people with the flags and sticks who wave them around... There is a name for these people. When I was in highschool, I remember them being called something specific. Not "flag people" or "flag team", something else....

Does anyone remember?...
  • Isotta

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    Well, we didn't have anything like this at my high school, but I think they are called something like "flag corps?"



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    uhh dont you mean Drum Major? If you are refering to the whole GROUP of people waving the flags or batons or all the wonderful things they wave and twirl that would be called COLOR GUARD.


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    VenusEnvy said:
    For some odd reason, I remember "flag" not being in their title.... Hmmm...
    How right you are, Venus! I just checked with my sis, MzSweeetT, because she did the flags in her high school. . . it is called the "color guard". :)

    Have a great night!
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