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Can you please tell me what does flag proffer mean? At first I thought it meant flag bearer, but it doesn't.
The context is: "Flag proffer takes position with organisations colours (receives from flag bearer)". And then: Flag is taken from proffer by outgoing commander and relinquished to presiding officer. Or: "Proffer returns flag to bearer".
What exactly is his role in a military ceremony?
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    The verb 'to proffer' means to offer something by holding it out to the other person.

    It sounds as if the person referred to here has the job of receiving the flag from the bearer and presenting it (holding it out) to the commander.

    However, 'proffer' in my experience is only a verb. The noun for a person who proffers something would be 'profferer'.


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    Our dictionary says that proffer as a noun means "the act of proffering," not "one who proffers."
    That would correspond with the noun 'offer' meaning 'the act of offering'.
    However, it does not fit the context of the original post.


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    Hello iulia19 - welcome to the forums!

    Can you tell us more about the source of your quote, please? And what is the text describing - is it a handover ceremony from an outgoing commanding officer to a new commanding officer, and if so which country are we talking about, and which service (Army, Navy, Air Force)?

    The more context and background you give us, the more we're likely to be able to help:).
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