flag (v): "flagged as XYZ" or "flagged XYZ"?

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At the computer software company where I work (where I can't change accepted vocabulary) clicking in a little square to make a checkmark appear is called "flagging".

The context for this question is a check-box labelled "With Criteria" (as in, I want to ask for overtime for this day, but only overtime that respects certain criteria that I will define), would you tend to say:

"Days flagged With Criteria must have at least one availability criterion."
"Days flagged as With Criteria must have at least one availability criterion."

  • Chapman

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    I would say that usually you would say "Flagged as ...", but seeing as how the sentence continues with the word "with", even though it is part of the title of the check-box, it sounds better to me to just write "Days flagged With Criteria ..."
    However, if you put "With Criteria" in quotation marks it might perhaps make more sense:

    Days flagged as "With Criteria" must have at least one availability criterion.


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    Both sound about equally good here.

    'Flagged as' easily allows for descriptions other than the actual label. So some days are flagged as criterial, or as special overtime, or whatever; with no 'as', what follows is what the flag says.
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