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Arriving at the airpot, I was flagged. A customs official rummaged through the clothing in my suitcase.

Does "flag" simply means "make a signal/gesture" or especially means "make a signal with a flag"? Perhaps in the airport they do use a flag? I have no experience.

Thanks to anyone who offers advice.
  • JustKate

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    No - I guess they can, but in my experience they don't do this. "Flagging" could mean an actual mark of some sort - for example, in a document you can use highlights or a note to "flag" a section or a sentence for more attention. In an airport, this could be a tag placed on your suitcase. But it doesn't have to be. It could be as simple as one person saying to another, "I'm flagging this bag for inspection."


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    In this case flagged means "marked or selected for attention", and the "mark" may only be a mental note in the mind of one inspector. That flag (mental note) might be passed along to someone else by almost any means: a nod, a gesture, a chalk mark, or even an actual flag (but I doubt this). My email program allows me to "flag" certain messages, but the flag is just a check-box next to the message.
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