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If Jerry discovered some financial malpractice, then we might finally have found the new and exciting story that brought him to Shetland. That would explain why he agreed to go to the Save Hvidahus meeting –he’d want the action group to give him more ammunition. You can imagine the possible headlines –Green energy not so clean after all –and the embarrassment that might cause to the people involved. They call the project Power of Water, and it’s considered a flagship scheme for renewable energy.
Source: Dead Water by Ann Cleeves

Could flagship scheme be interpreted to mean pilot scheme?

The flagship of a group of things that are owned or produced by a particular organization is the most important one: The hospital has been the government's flagship, leading the health service reforms.

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    No. A pilot is a trial run. A flagship is something tried and tested that has been shown to be the best example.


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    The idea is that other projects will be modeled on the format of the flagship project. (I didn't use scheme. :))
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