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  1. cheaccento? New Member

    Would it one day be possible to add a facility to make language flash cards to the website? or to have a personal history, so that I can revise the words I've searched for?
    Does anyone use a program that they find helpful and easy?
    Many thanks,
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    Welcome cheaccento? :)

    Did you notice this? It's in a box on the lower left of our dictionary definition pages.
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  3. cheaccento? New Member

    Yes, I'd seen that - but I'm looking for something that will help me learn & revise vocab that I have looked up - I am a long way off from tackling random words!
    Thanks though.
  4. jann

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    There is a personal history feature already: you need only check the "save history" box in the dictionary, as in the screenshot below. :)


    Your 6 most recent dictionary searches will be displayed right there in the Recent Searches box, and if you click on View All at the bottom, you will be able to see all of your searches, and organize them by date, alphabetically, or by dictionary. The words in the View All list are clickable, in case you can't remember what they mean...
  5. cheaccento? New Member

    That's cool - and I've never noticed it, so thank you!

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