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323. Message From the Permanent Representative to the United Nations (Kirkpatrick) to the President’s Assistant for National Security Affairs (Clark)1

New York, June 5, 1982, 0231Z
265. From Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick. To: Flash for White House (NSC for Clark–Eyes Only.)

1. Evening Wednesday, June 2. In the Security Council. Spain circulated a simple cease-fire resolution2 and the Council was called to meet the following morning June 3rd.
(source: Foreign Relations of the United States, 1981–1988, Volume XIII, Conflict in the South Atlantic, 1981–1984, Document 323)

Does Flash mean quick look here in the sentence?
Thank you.
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    There are a lot of definitions for "flash" but the one I think that applies here is "a short news announcement concerning some on-going news story".


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    I think in this case it might have the implication that the message is time sensitive and needs priority handling.