flatter somebody(without saying any words)


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My daughter did something wrong and she knew I would spank her bottom, so she made a funny face and jumped into my arms and held me tightly and kissed me several times, so I couldn't spank her any more.

She did nice things about me, in a way that is a little cute but not very sincere because she wanted me not to do something.

I want to say something like she was trying to flatter me. But she said nothing in the whole movement so I should not use flatter, but which verb can I use here?

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    You won't distract me / divert my attention from the issue / problem / what you did.

    Or do you want to know how to call what she did to distract you?

    You can charm me all you want, but it's not going to help you, young lady!

    Look at you, trying to charm your way out of it! (smile)
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