flaunt wealth


Hi, everyone:

Could you tell me a word (verb) or a phrase that can express the following idea?

1. Every year when this traditional festival comes. People will treat their friends, relatives to feasts. Some rich sees it as an oppotunity to ________. A modest rich family will order 100 tables for guests.

2. I don't need the product. It is the top of the line. I just needs something functional. My buying intention is not to ____________

3. Everyone knows he is rich. On his wedding day. He arranged a motorcade of 100. All knows he was ____________

Could I say "flaunt..wealth"?

More explanation:

I think I could also use "show off", but it does not exculsively include "wealth". I need one expression more colloquial. So I think "wealth" will not work. For example: In a mother to son conversation:

Mother : Here's your new backpack.
Son: Thanks, but it's not the one I told you last time.
Mother :Oh, you mean the one cost 150 $? What you need is a shool bag. Not a thing to _________.

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  • mylasalle

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    I would say you were correct in using "showing off" to replace the more academic sounding expression "flaunting wealth."

    I'm not aware of any other colloquial equivalent.
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