flauta, pito, cartel (droga)

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    que significa 'la flauta', 'un pito' y 'el cartel'. gracias!
  2. belén

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    Un pito = a joint

    El cartel = the organization that provides with the drugs, makes all the steps that are needed to produce it, from the harvest to the lab process etc. It would be the "company" that produces the drugs. They are usually named after the city where the drug is made.

    Flauta = no idea, sorry
  3. emmawass New Member

    United Kingdom, English
    muchas gracias!
  4. elamo8 New Member

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    Hola a tod@s!

    sé que llego algo tarde a este post....jeje, pero bueno, aún así, intervendré, para futuros consultantes.

    En mi zona ésas palabras se usan de la siguiente manera:

    -pito = cigarro (cigarette) -> echar un pito = smoke a cigarette

    -cártel = la misma explicación; bueno, parecida. (written accent on A: "cártel; "cartel" without writtin accent means "poster" )

    -flauta = otra manera de llamar al porro (= joint -probably bigger than usual)

    I suppose you know this yet, but probably future people will be helped with this explanation.

    Greetings, and please correct ALL my mistakes!

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