1. milas1967 New Member

    What's it called in spanish, also omega 3
  2. cyberpedant

    cyberpedant Senior Member

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    Lo encuentras en el diccionario, arriba. Busca, "flax."
  3. Hery New Member

    In Mexico is called "Aceite de Linza"
  4. Eva Maria Banned

    Aventurières - Alexine Tinne (Las fuentes del Nilo
    Catalonia / Spain (Catalan / Spanish)


    You can say:

    - Aceite de linaza

    - Aceite de semillas de lino

  5. samarje Senior Member

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    Tambien, omega 3 es el mismo en espanol como en ingles, porque "omega" derive de griego anciano.
  6. Eva Maria Banned

    Aventurières - Alexine Tinne (Las fuentes del Nilo
    Catalonia / Spain (Catalan / Spanish)


    Can I correct your Spanish?

    "También omega 3 es igual en español que en inglés, porque "omega" deriva del griego antiguo / griego clásico."

    NOTE: "griego anciano" = means old Greek (an elderly Greek man), it doesn't mean "ancient Greek"). It sounded really funny when I read it!!!!

    Eva Maria
  7. samarje Senior Member

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    Thank you!!! Of course you can correct my Spanish, it's helpful to know when I'm wrong so that I can fix it :) that is a funny/embarrassing mistake to make!
  8. Tom87 Senior Member

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    It looks like the standard translation of linaza is linseed rather than flax. But then I see some articles indicating that flax and linseed are the same thing. Then again, in other articles they appear not to be completely interchangeable terms. Can anybody clear this up?
  9. tenpao Senior Member

    Madrid, Spain
    Spanish, Spain
    The seed of flax, especially when used as the source of linseed oil; flaxseed.

    a. A widely cultivated plant, Linum usitatissimum, having pale blue flowers, seeds that yield linseed oil, and slender stems from which a textile fiber is obtained.
    b. The fine, light-colored textile fiber obtained from this plant.
    c. Any of various other plants of the genus Linum or of similar or related genera.

    Flax is the plant or the fiber, Lino in Spanish.

    The seed is called Linseed or Flaxseed (sometimes Flax seed), in Spanish Linaza.

    As Hery and Eva María said, Flax seed oil would be aceite de linaza or aceite de semillas de lino. I've seen aceite de lino in many places, but I don't think is entirely correct, since lino is the plant and you make oil with the seeds.

    As samarje said Omega 3 is the same in Spanish, but you can find it like aceite omega 3 or ácidos grasos omega 3.

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