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    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently working on my thesis. I have to translate a summary I have written in Spanish into English. My research is about a shampoo using "molle" extract. I am wondering if the words I've chosen are the right ones in my translation. Before I introduce the text I would like you to help me translate, I want to let you know that "molle" is a medicinal plant, mainly found in South America. It is used as a insecticide by rural communities.

    Background info:
    Dogs infested with fleas were used on this research; regardless of sex, breed, weight or age, they were distributed randomly into four experimental groups of six animals each: A control group (no treatment), B (treated with molle shampoo at a 25-percent concentration), C (treated with molle shampoo at a 50-percent concentration), and D (treated with free-extract shampoo), recording the number of fleas, assessed by counting them using a fine-toothed flea comb.

    Original text (in Spanish):
    Los porcentajes de control de pulgas del champú a las concentraciones ensayadas fueron registrados y comparados con los resultados del control blanco (sin tratamiento) y el patrón de referencia negativo (champú sin extracto).

    My attempt (in English): The outcomes of flea control using shampoo at the concentrations mentioned before were recorded and compared with those from the experimental groups with no treatment and treated with free-extract shampoo.

    I am not satisfied with my translation. I think it needs improvement.

    Thanks to you all in advance,

    Le Polyglotte

    P.S.: Feel free to make any correction if needed.
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    Hola. Yo diría: "Flea control percentages of the shampoo at the concentrations tested were recorded and compared with the results from the blank control (without treatment) and those from the negative reference standard (shampoo without extract)."
  3. LePolyglotte New Member

    Thank you very much for your help, Ilialluna! I think that's what I wanted for my translation.

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