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"In August 1997, Evans led a delegation of congressmen to Vietnam who all flew coach and arrived well briefed."

Ted Osius's book: "Nothing is impossible..."

This is about Congressman Lane Evans's efforts to establish a full diplomatic relationship between the U.S. and Vietnam.

What I don't understand is:
1. flew coach: is it about the transportation means they used?
2. arrived well briefed: Does it mean "Before they arrived, they had been well introduced (about the situation in Vietnam)"? That means they had some knowledge upon their arrival.

Many thanks!
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    Yes, it means they went in coach class on the airplane (that's the cheapest seats).
    And yes, "well briefed" means he was well informed about the topic. Look up the verb "to brief" someone on something.


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    That's all true but I have no idea why the author put those two completely different ideas in one sentence.