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Hi, I was just watching a TV show "White collar", and I heard the phrase "I can't flip on them". I've looked it up, but I didn't find any explanation for it. I even found a thread wiht it here on "Wordreference", but no one explained the meaning. I know this is not a common phrase, so I'd understand if you couldn't help me. The context, so as to give you a little help, is during a conversation between Neal (main character of "White collar") and an agent of the Interpol. In this conversation, the Interpol agent was asking Neal to back off from a case that the FBI had asigned him because he was going to screw up an operation of the Interpol. And that's where he said: "Yeah, I don't know if you heard, but the
Bureau and I are kind of pals lately. I can't flip on them". Let me know if the context I've provided is enough to figure out the meaning of the phrase. Thanks in advance.
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    My understanding is that "to flip" on someone (or some organization in this case) is to be disloyal, e.g. to "change sides."

    To flip on a friend might be to reveal his illegal activities to the authorities. To flip in your context would be to switch allegiances from the FBI to Interpol and do their bidding rather than your own organization's.

    (A reminder that this interpretation is simply what I've picked up from keeping an eye on usage.)


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    Could you tell us more about the situation, please? And was the entire sentence, "Don't flip on me"?

    You're welcome to quote up to three of the previous sentences to give us a better idea of the conversation.