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What does "Flippety-flip" mean?

“…That’s true. And the fight isn’t over yet,” I said, this time at an audible volume. [...] He smiled gleefully at my response. “That’s right, that’s the spirit. You never know how your hand’s going to play until you turn over that river card. So shall we get down to it? Flippety-flip!
Source: Sword Art Online Progressive Vol.02.
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    The reference before seems to be Texas Hold'Em poker, but the term "flip" can refer to more than one thing in poker. It could be literally flipping cards over, or it could refer to a "coin-flip" which is another way of saying "a 50-50 chance" (i.e. 50%).

    So hard to know without further context. Are they playing poker?


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    Anything can happen in the world of video-games; but the poker references seem to be metaphorical (I'm told that in this context duels aren't usually resolved at the poker table), so the most natural reading is that 'Flippety-flip' is the turning over of the river card; in a poker-game, getting on with the game ('shall we we get down to it?') would involver facing the card.