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Hi everyone,

Can anyone tell me what does "flirted so outrageously with camp yet been so obviously straight" mean in this context " Beckham pushed the envelope of fashion and often went out on a limb others would have fallen off from. Who else could have pulled off the sarong trick, or flirted so outrageously with camp yet been so obviously straight?" This short passage is excerpted from an article "Being Beckham" at Forbes dot com.

My guess is that "although Beckham was known as a straight (not a gay), as a cult figure, he was not afraid to flirt with girls( does camp means girls?) in public."

I am not sure with my own understanding. Hope someone could help me, thanks in advance.

  • JamesM

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    To flirt with camp here means that he dabbled in wearing campy clothes.

    From the definition of "campy":

    1 : exaggerated effeminate mannerisms exhibited especially by homosexuals

    2 a : something so outrageously artificial, affected, inappropriate, or out-of-date as to be considered amusing

    In English we can flirt with concepts as well as people. We can flirt with disaster, fame, television, commitment as well as other things. I would say it means to toy with the thing rather than being fully committed to it.
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