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flock n as adj (fabric: velvety) مخمليّ
Jerry bought some flock fabric.

مخمليّ to me means that it's actually velvet. I think "velvety" here means it feels and/or looks like velvet but it's not actually velvet. Suggestion: كالمخمل
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    Thank you for the feedback. It seems that "flock" is related to the process of "flocking", which is "depositing many small fiber particles (called flock) onto a surface". (Wikipedia) According to the Wikipedia article, Its use is not limited to fabrics.

    We couldn't find a formal Arabic translation for this process. We did find the transliteration فلوك used with clothes on some Websites. The dictionary site arabterm.org renders "flock" (adj.) as وبري and هبوي. The Arabic-English New Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms renders وَرَق مُخْمَليّ (مُوَبَّر) as "velour paper, flock paper".

    The rendering in our dictionary will be changed to كالمخمل to say that it's not actually مخمل. The change will be visible online after our next update, within a few months.