flogging a dead horse

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I'm sorry I wasn't clear in my last post. What I meant to say was that for me there is a distinct (and valuable) difference between "arts" and "artistic", which parallels that between "science" and "scientific". For instance, the Arts Theatre, Cambridge (its actual name) differs from an "artistic" theatre, Cambridge. Similarly, a "science term" could mean a term taken from the vast vocabulary of that subject, whereas a "scientific term" could be more limited. A long vocabulary list would thus be headed "science terms", whereas a list of acceptable terms (as opposed to "unscientific" ones) would be headed "scientific terms". The terms are really interchangeable, this is just a possible tweak. Sorry if I'm flogging a dead horse here!
Best wishes.

What does "flogging a dead horse" signify? Does it mean wasting my breath or doing something meaningless/in vain?
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    "Flogging a dead horse" means doing something totally useless.

    I've kind of been keeping an eye on the science/scientific thread that you started, QD, and I think the problem is not with the words "science or "scientific" but with the word "term". It seems to me that if you use the word "terminology", it becomes more clear. There is no question (in my mind, at least), that we would then be talking about "scientific terminology" not "science terminology".
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