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I have a floor product from Italy that I don't want to use until I know what it is. Could someone please translate for me. Thank you.

Per pavimenti in cotto
Il decerante novecento e indispensabile qualore si voglia aspportare completamente dal pavimento la cera per cotto.

  • Hi EJA...

    "Il cotto" in this context means terracotta, and "pavimenti" means the floor. La "cera" is wax, and can also refer to wax-based polish. So I would translate the text like this:

    "For terracotta floors.
    The Dewaxer 900 is indispensable whenever you want to completely remove terracotta wax(/polish) from the floor."

    Not knowing enough about terracotta tile floors, I don't know if it's polish or wax that you would want to remove, but I hope this is some help!

    Thank you Toby,
    That is just the information I needed. I was told this was a floor cleaner, but in fact it is a wax remover, which I do not want at all. You saved me a ton of work.