1. MrsCairns Senior Member

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    Can anyone offer a good translation for 'flor de trapo'?

    The specific context is from a Galdós novel, as follows:

    "Tu ser moral se me ha revelado como un árbol seco al cual se quitan de pronto las flores y las hojas de trapo que le hacían pasar por árbol vivo. He aquí lo que son tus teorías morales: flores de trapo."

    I have translated it as "artificial flowers", but is that right?

    I note from a Google search that there is a tango song by this name, but I can't work out the meaning from those lyrics...

    Any help greatly appreciated! - Many thanks
  2. helenduffy

    helenduffy Senior Member

    USA, English
    Yes, or rag flowers, flowers made of rags, or maybe more alliterative is false flowers.
  3. Edwin

    Edwin Senior Member

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    rag flower sounds reasonable since rag doll is muñeca de trapo. Also if you use Google images you will find a picture of a flor de trapo which has the look of a "rag doll" in the shape of a flower. :)
  4. eyowell Senior Member

    spanish chile
    It's a very poetic way to say it. Rag flowers. It's not only false flowers, it's about the poor and sad material that made something suposed to be as beautiful as a flower.
  5. scotu Senior Member

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    Chicago English
    una pequeñísima corrección
  6. eyowell Senior Member

    spanish chile
  7. eyowell Senior Member

    spanish chile
    In spanish: Es una forma muy poética de decirlo. Flores de trapo. No sólo son flores falsas, es acerca del pobre y triste material del que estaba hecho algo supuestamente tan hermoso como una flor.

    Las flores parecían hermosas, pero eran trapos al fin y al cabo.
    The flowers seemed beautiful, but they were rags after all.

    Excuse me if I couldn't explain it well in my first try.
  8. MrsCairns Senior Member

    English UK
    Muchas gracias a todos :)

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