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    I work in a library and I'm trying to translate a book title so we can add it accurately to our catalog. The full title as represented on the title page is below, with the particularly troublesome words in bold. I think that "jawnokwiatowych" might be a term similar to "phylum" but is perhaps outdated. Any insights into the translation of the title would be very helpful!

    "Flora polska jawnokwiatowych rodzajow czyli Botaniczne opisy tak dzikich jako i hodowanych pod otwartem niebem jawnokwiatowych krolestrwa polskiego roslin uporzadkowane wedlug zasad sztucznego ukladu a poprzedzone ogolnem wyobrazeniem o znaczniejszych przyrodzonych pokrewienstwach roslinnego krolestrwa"

    The book was published in 1847 if that helps.
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    polszczyzna warszawska

    There are some mistakes in the title. It should read:
    Flora Polska jawnokwiatowych rodzajów czyli botaniczne opisy tak dzikich jako i hodowanych pod otwartém niebem jawnokwaiatowych Królestwa Polskiego roślin uporządkowane według zasad sztucznego układu a poprzedzone ogólném wyobrażeniem o znaczniejszych przyrodzonych pokrewieństwach roślinnego królestwa. T. 1

    It should be borne in mind that the title contains some language which isn't used anymore by Polish native speakers.

    In this context, 'królestwo' means 'kingdom'.

    jawnokwiatowy -- phanerantherus (literal translation); phanerogamic (a broader term)
    jawnokwiatowe (plural adjective used as a noun) -- phaneranthus (pl. phaneranthi) (literal translation); phanerogams (a broader term)

    I think I'd opt for using the latter English translations. I've seen the Polish 'kwiatowe' translated as 'gametae' into Latin on some websites (click here). This leads us to their English counterparts that are present in some reliable English dictionaries, for example The Oxford English Dictionary:
    A phanerogamic or flowering plant. (Opposed to cryptogam.) Chiefly in plural.
    In pl. phanerogams = mod.L. Phanerogamæ, plantæ phanerogamæ (Humboldt, Nova Gen. et Sp. Plant., 1815).
    The former are practically unknown (but have a look here).

    It's almost like using Latin in English anyway, as it's probably all Greek to many. ;)

    Hope it helps.
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    Note that "Królestwa Polskiego" means "pertaining to the Kingdom of Poland"*, while "roślinnego królestwa" means "of the kingdom of plants" .

    "* In 1847 "Królestwo Polskie" meant the part of Poland under Russian rule ("Congress Poland").
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    polszczyzna warszawska
    PWN-Oxford, Polish-English:
    Królestwo Kongresowe a. Polskie Hist. Congress (Kingdom of) Poland, the Kingdom of Poland (established in 1815 at the Congress of Vienna)

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