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    Term: (A word or expression you have seen in writing)FLOTUS, and related acronyms POTUS and SCOTUS

    Your definition or explanation: First Lady of the United States, similarly President of the United States and Supreme Court of the United States.

    Example: (An example of the term in use) FLOTUS visits Mexico this week.

    One or more places you have seen the term: (Please give URLs/links to web pages, or a full description of a print publication.) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ (as this page changes frequently, I'll add the headline in question to preserve it - "FLOTUS tells kids she loves Beyonce & Sting"

    Have you looked for this term or meaning in dictionaries, and not found it? Yes :tick:____ No ___

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    Fixed link to above headline: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/searchS/?q=FLOTUS+tells+kids+she+loves+Beyonce+%26+Sting%22>>
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    I can imagine the current First Lady floating quite nicely ... but ... Barbara Bush?:eek::D
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    True, true.... perhaps her acronym should have been SPAREUS!
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    That acronym was reserved for George.

    We also have, at least until a moderator deletes this post, the Welsh-inspired
    FFLOAT, Former First Lady of Alaskan Tundra. Also known, colloquially, as ARG! (Alaska's Resigned Governor/Governess?)
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    The earliest reference to Flotus that I can find in the news archive is a 1992 quotation from a Bush speechwriter. Unfortunately, it's pay per view, so I will give only the Google citation.
    Reflections, regrets and rumbles of a Bush speechwriter
    Pay-Per-View - Atlanta Journal-Constitution - NewsBank - Dec 27, 1992
    My first speechwriting assignment was a talk to the congregation at Potus's church in Kennebunkport. He couldn't make it and Flotus the First Lady filled in ...
    A 1992 article with Potus:
    [Margaret Thatcher] took breakfast with George Bush to see if the American presidential spine needed more stiffening on the Persian Gulf. Seemingly satisfied with the resolve of Potus, as the president of the United States is known in government cables, she then called a press conference .... (The Washington Post Nov 20, 1990)

    Note: Actually, I see that the TheFreeDictionary.com has entries for Flotus and Potus, as does Dictionary.com, quoting the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language.
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    Thanks, Cagey - I could have sworn I checked Dictionary.com, though I didn't try TheFreeDictionary.com. From some reading I've done subsequent to my original posting, it appears that the first of these acronyms to be used was POTUS, and was first used by the Secret Service, which is charged with protecting the POTUS (and the FLOTUS, but I don't think the SCOTUS).
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    I heard flotus and potus for the first time in the UK press during the Obamas' recent visit.
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    It's growing! Today, online, I came across a reference to Jill Biden, wife of US Vice-President Joe Biden, in which she is called SLOTUS.

    I'll leave it to you to figure it out. In any case, it's an ugly word!

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