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Hello, everyone!
In a Batman comics from 1970s, Joker dumps some chemical in the water resulting in all the fish having Joker’s face. Now he wants to have copyright on each of the "Joker-Fish". He says:
"...everybody’s talking about my Joker-Fish! They all recognize the face -- it’s my fortune, even on a flounder’s fizz -- and since I plan to continue secretly dumping the chemical that gives the fish my face, the little finnies are permanently identified with me!"
Could it be that "fizz" means "face"? Or how would you understand it?
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    (Anatomy) slang chiefly Brit the face or a facial expression: an ugly phiz. Also called: phizog
    [C17: colloquial shortening of physiognomy]

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    "Fizz" is indeed short for the slang word "fizzog" meaning "face" deriving from "physiognomy".
    fizzog | Definition of fizzog in English by Oxford Dictionaries

    A flounder is a type of flatfish:
    A small flatfish that typically occurs in shallow coastal water.
    flounder | Definition of flounder in English by Oxford Dictionaries

    The Joker appears to be playing with the phrase "My face is my fortune", by saying that it's his fortune even when his face is on a flounder's facial area.

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