flout convention or to throw others off the scent


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can anybody explain the meaning of the phrase "flout convention or to throw others off the scent" and specially the role of terms" "float convention" and "scent" in the context as follows:
She had glanced at his left hand and had seen no ring, but that meant nothing these days. There were even some people who put rings on the relevant finger in order to flout convention or to throw others off the scent, whatever the scent was.
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    Flout convention: to show disdain toward socially accepted custom; to thumb one's nose at social standards; to show social rebelliousness. (Wedding rings, by convention, are worn on the left ring finger).

    To throw others off the scent: A predator hunts by following the scent of its prey. An animal searches for a potential mate by the sense of smell, too. People who are looking for a lover likewise search for clues. For instance, they look to the left hand of a potential partner, hoping to find a clue regarding marital status. An unmarried person might choose to wear a ring on the left ring finger as a way of saying that he or she is not available, therefore, throwing hopeful suitors off the "scent."