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It’s about one of the inhabitants of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn’s village:
[…] and he was Inside Sentinel of the Masons, and Outside Sentinel of the Odd Fellows, and a kind a head bung-starter or something of the Foes of the Flowing Bowl […] Tom Sawyer’s Conspiracy
The Foes of the Flowing Bowl were (are?) a temperance organization. What does the "flowing" in "Flowing Bowl" mean? "Overflowing"? "Full"?
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    I don't think a definitive answer is possible. I take it to mean that the 'bowl' is constantly being emptied and refilled.


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    It means "that flows". There are many references in English literature to the "flowing bowl", meaning a vessel for drinking alcohol. It's flowing because it is regularly refilled. Here's some examples gathered from citations in the OED
    1976 Ulverston (Cumbria) News 3 Dec. 18/2 H. O. Spice, himself a modest quaffer from the flowing bowl, has discovered that Grange cannot boast of one common or garden pub.
    1746 P. Francis tr. Horace in P. Francis & W. Dunkin tr. Horace Epistles i. vii. 37 And o'er the flowing Bowl, in sighing Strain, [give me] To talk of wanton Cinera's Disdain.
    1840 H. W. Longfellow Skeleton in Armour xx, There from the flowing bowl Deep drinks the warrior's soul, Skoal! to the Northland! Skoal!
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