flunked off the football team


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The Dreamcatcher. S.King.

"Richie Grenadeau, who had, it turned out, flunked off the football team."

Can someone explain please the meaning of flunked off here?
I couldn't find the usage of a preposition off with the verb flunk. Usually it's out.
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    In order to be a member of a sports team in many schools in the US (whether high schools or colleges -- that is, university-level schools), one must maintain a minimum level of grades in academic subjects. Those who fail (or "flunk") a certain number of subjects may still be students in the school (that is, they have not "flunked out" of school), but they may not play on the team -- and thus are off the team. The student in question seems to fall into that category.


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    One generally "flunks out" of an academic program. The player has flunked a course or two and this academic failure has caused him to be "thrown off" the team, thus: "flunked off."
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