flush of money


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This is the sentence from my handbook:

From that time on, Anna was suspiciously flush of money.

If I'm not mistaken 'to be flush with money' means to have plenty of it.
Please, could you tell me if 'to be flush with money' and 'to be flush of money' have the same meaning?
Thank you!
  • owlman5

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    That's how I would understand the sentence, Joan Madou, though I've never heard or read "flush of money" before.

    Webster's Online Dictionary agrees that it means what you think it does: 1: Full of money. Similarly A flush of water means a sudden and full flow of water.


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    Thank you Looking-at-the-stars and Owlman!

    I can understand 'a flush of money' because 'flush' is a noun here. In my sentence it's an adjective and I was confused.
    Thanks a lot!
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