flushed with three screwdrivers

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    Afterward, there was a lawn party at the Chatsworth home. The day was hot and humid. Thunderheads with purple bellies had formed in the west; they dragged slowly back and forth across the horizon, but seemed to come no closer. Chuck, flushed with three screwdrivers, came over with his girl friend, Patty Strachan, to show Johnny his graduation present from his parents –a new Pulsar watch.
    Source: The Dead Zone by Stephen King
    Context: Chuck graduated from high school.

    As a native speaker, do you say the idiomatic term screwdriver?

    screwdriver: a cocktail made from vodka and orange juice.
    flushed: His face had become hot and red as a result of his drinking alcohol.

    Thank you.
  2. Archilochus Senior Member

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    Right. He'd had three screwdrivers and his face was flushed.
  3. GreenWhiteBlue

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    If I were naming the cocktail made with vodka and orange juice? Of course; what else would you call it?

    Consider these:
    Chuck, flushed from the jar of chili peppers he had just consumed, came over with his girl friend.
    Chuck, flushed with the bottle of wine he had drunk with dinner, came over with his girl friend.
    Chuck, flushed with six dry martinis, came over with his girl friend.
  4. jacdac

    jacdac Senior Member

    Thank you for the explanatory sentences. As a non-native speaker, I would call it vodka and orange (and not screwdriver).
  5. Loob

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    I'd call it vodka and orange too, jacdac: screwdriver is in my passive vocabulary rather than my active one.:)
  6. Linkway Senior Member

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    That puts a spanner (sic) in the works! :)
  7. ain'ttranslationfun? Senior Member

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    A "monkey wrench" on this side of the pond. :)

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