Fly to Hackensack, instantly !


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2 superheroes are fighting. One just says to the other : "Fly to Hackensack instantly" and the other one is sucked up in the sky probably off to Hackensack (?).

I was just wondering if this was some kind of expression (even though I can't find anything on the net about it).

Merci bien.
  • kalimoxto

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    This isn't some kind of expression, and in fact the expression "fly to x" to magically send someone to a place seems strange in English, but I couldn't say why. But if the person is sent to Hackensack, I guess that's what it means...


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    Well, as this is from a cartoon for small kids, I doubted they really meant the actual city/town "Hackensack" (which is probably unknown to most children, right ?)
    So I took it they meant "some random place". (no offense to Hackensack dwellers ;))
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