Flyer vs. pamphlet vs. circular

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Someone put a lot of "flyers" or "pamphlets" or "circulars" of the near supermarkets and stores on the lobby for sharing.

Are they all correct and the same in AmE? If so, which one is best when I mean some multiple pages advertising papers with coupons in them? Thank you.
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    Not pamphlets. Pamphlets give information about a topic, either factual or opinions.

    pam•phlet /ˈpæmflɪt/ n. [countable]
    1. a short, small publication, usually containing factual information or dealing with an important, current, or controversial topic or subject.
    A circular is usually used to describe a publication that comes out on a regular basis. A grocery store might put out a weekly circular with the specials and coupons for that week.

    I think flyers works best in that context where they are sitting in a hotel lobby. Brochures is also possible. That would be used to describe local tourist attractions, like a cave tour or a museum (but not for stores).
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