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I'm at work and a co-worker that consistently (and annoyingly) flirts with me has just asked me to come to her house for dinner on Easter (really).

"Would you like to have dinner with me on Easter Sunday?"


"No? Why not?"

"Because I plan on going out and having drinks with your boyfriend."

"He's out of town."

"I still don't want to have dinner with you."

Then she goes on, "Will you miss me over the weekend?"


"No?" she asks, trying to sound hurt. "Why not?"

"Because I don't give a flying fuck what you do on weekends."

Then, in her cutest little girl's voice, "What does 'Flying fuck' mean."

"Google. Look it up in Google."


I found it necessary to look up "flying fuck" in Google, and I did not find a definition (but plenty of usages). So, what exactly does "Flying fuck" mean? It is a little late to be concerned about it as I have already used the phrase, but I still would want to know what it means.
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    I would call it a fairly aggressive way of saying you don't care at all and have no interest. "Flying fuck" by itself doesn't mean anything, as far as I know. I think it's just the alliteration that makes it appealing to some people.

    I've heard:

    I don't give a fig/hoot/darn/damn/rat's ass/fuck/flying fuck as well as many others. I'd say those are roughly in order of intensity and shock value for the shock-inclined.


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    :warn:"I don't give a flying fuck" is just a more emphatic way to say :warn:"I don't give a fuck," which is, of course, an emphatic way of saying "I don't care."

    Adding adjectives to an expletive (that seemingly have nothing to do with the expletive) in order to add extra emphasis is common. One of my favorites is :warn:'bat shit crazy' because it is such an odd combination of words that makes me laugh whenever I hear it.


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    I agree that the principal appeal is alliteration. I have always thought that it was also related to the idea that anything you do "on the fly" is something to which you have given little to no attention. Thus it is an intensification of the disdain implied in "not giving a fuck", and further along on the scale, as in JamesM's ranking.

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    I agree with James. I would say it's an extension of "I don't give a fuck" coined because the plain fuck version has lost its impact. It has probably popped into people's minds (and stuck there long enough to be repeated) because of the alliteration and comic value. I'm not sure it's necessary to examine the choice of "flying" too deeply.

    We constantly extend, invent and reinvent such phrases as the originals become over-familiar - in a kind of reverse-euphemism.


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    I'm almost certain that the late Kurt Vonnegut Jnr used something like I couldn't give a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.

    (Gosh, Mr.P, do you think she'll have got the message?:D)


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    I'm almost certain that the late Kurt Vonnegut Jnr used something like I couldn't give a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.

    (Gosh, Mr.P, do you think she'll have got the message?:D)
    You'd think she would, wouldn't you? But apparently not.

    (She thinks my behavior is "cute".)


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    Two separate questions, here, P.

    (1) The meaning of "don't give a flying fuck". Neatly expressed, I think, in nzfauna's post and those of others before him.

    (2) How to warn off said lady. Not, really, a WRF issue. I think, however, you may have given a sufficient hint.

    Ah, the problems of being supernal...


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    Some interesting uses of 'flying' or 'fly' here, then, all with the sense of being slightly out of control:

    1. P doesn't give a flying fuck.
    2. There may soon be some accusations of harrassment flying around.
    3. P appears to be flying in the face of acceptable office behaviour.
    4. The lady in question may fly at P with a stapler.
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