1. tantrika New Member

    hola ! alquien sabría decirme que significa Flying-jinny
    contexto: just a coule of contraptions such as Flying.jinny and swings.
  2. Dlyons

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    English - Ireland
    1 An amusement device in which riders are whirled in a horizontal circle; a merry-go-round. . . A home-made form of carousel. 1940 Hench Coll. VA, Flying jenny or jinny. [Drawing shows a pole with a rotating hub at the top, from which hang ropes or chains; children run holding on to these and are swung outwards by centrifugal force.] Flying jinny. . . It was a wheel or board on a post on which people rode round and round.

    2 Flying-ginny—A small wind-mill, sometimes used at mountain communities to draw water or run a chop-mill.

    For pictures see
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    thank you !!!

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