Foam - dribble - slime

Hi! I'm trying to express in English a "curious fact" about silk, i.e. that silk is actually some kind of "saliva" produced by silkworms, a type of caterpillars.

Needless to say, the focus is on the "yuck" factor of this piece of information (target: children). :D

Which term would be more appropriate to use to describe silk? Foam? Dribble? Slime? I think that perhaps "slime" would fit the context.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
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    I would also say that "slime" fits the context the best, and is the most familiar with children (Nickelodeon used to use slime a whole lot.) It might not be the most accurate description, but it will indeed be "yucky" :p.

    I don't hear "dribble" used that often in AE. We say "drool".

    You could also use "goo" (rhymes with moo) along with "slime".


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    Another possibility is "silkworm spit". :)
    I read this question earlier today and was returning to suggest just that -- silkworm spit. It keeps the discussion suitably accurate (it's not slime), alliterative, familiar and gross (everyone does it and it's never attractive). :)
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