foam-rubber scent of victory (football)

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Hi everyone,

I need some help with the following :

"I wanted to win because I liked winning, but also because I liked walking into the field house with Mom and my younger sister, Casey, after the game and smelling the sweaty, foam-rubber scent of victory."

The narrator is the football coach's daughter. My question is: what is she referring to in the "foam-rubber" part? I understand the "sweaty" part, with men obviously sweating after playing a football game, but why talk about "foam-rubber" here? I'm confused... Any help would be highly appreciated :)
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    It would have helped if you had mentioned that the source referred to American football. I'd have been as confused as you if it hadn't been for bennymix's natural assumption that this was not association football (soccer) as played in Europe. Shin pads aren't made of foam rubber. ;)
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