focalización -- No signos meníngeos, no focalización

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Hi! Having trouble translating a Spanish Medical report. The section is on a Physical Exam, describing Neurological information. This is the sentence that's troubling me:

No signos meníngeos, *no focalización*.

I've translated the first part as 'no signs of meningeal irritation' which I'm happy with, but I'm so stuck on the second part. Is it saying the patient can't focus? As in can't focus their eyes? Or maybe they have poor concentration?

Please help!

Thanks in advance :D
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    No focalización (o no focalidad neurológica) se refiere a la ausencia de hallazgos clínicos sugestivos de afectación neurológica específica; sin signos/hallazgos sugestivos de focalidad neurológica. En inglés se expresa igual; no focal neurologic signs.

    Focal neurologic signs also known as focal neurological deficits or focal CNS signs
    Focal neurologic signs - Wikipedia
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