focus in on specific feedlots


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Why is "in on" used after "focusing" in the following? Why not simply say "focusing on"?

Brody Wight, the sales director at GHGSat, told CNN this is the first time the company knows of in which scientists were able to use satellite imagery to pinpoint methane emissions from cattle farming. The company has three high-resolution satellites in orbit, which it has previously used to measure emissions from open-pit coal mines. Each satellite is just the size of a microwave oven, says GHGSat.

“This is really pushing the envelope of our capabilities,” said Wight. “What’s unique about us is we can really kind of get to the source” of emissions, focusing in on specific feedlots.

I'd appreciate your help.
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    Yes, they can narrow their instrument's gaze to a specific feedlot instead of a broad area many miles wide, which was probably the only thing possible in the past. That is an example of zooming in.