focus on in all that (focus on only part of a statement)

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Hello. Can I say “That is what you focus on in all that” if I want to say that my listener picked only the unimportant part of what I said, e.g. I would say “He cheated on me and went with my neighbor Sally on vacation last summer” and the listener would, for example, ask “Did they go to Carribic?” instead of “He really cheated on you?”/”Why did he do that to you?" etc.

Thank you in advance.
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    You can. Spoken, what you mean will be perfectly clear, because in speech you use pauses and emphasis to show which words go together.

    As written text, I would prefer to rewrite it so that 'focus on' and 'in all that' do not come together. I find 'on in' a bit confusing. However, that is a stylistic question. There is nothing wrong with what you have. :)
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