Focus ring /Shadow Ring


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Non riesco a capire cosa siano questi componenti elettronici, associati a queste sigle poi...

- BwCVD Shadow Ring
- Poly/WSI Focus Ring Cover

Ho capito che CVD è la deposizione chimica da vapore; mentre WSI è la Scala d'integrazione Wafer.
L'unica traduzione che trovo per "Focus Ring" è anello di messa a non so..
  • Hi, Milja,
    afraid, we need more context here.
    For example, shadow ring could serve as a dielectric between an energized support and a plasma;

    a cover ring could serve to enhance the process and/or to reduce the erosion of an underlying ring (for example, of shadow ring ).
    Shadow ring sometimes serves as a focusing ring....

    Are you sure that "
    WSI è la Scala d'integrazione Wafer"?
    more probably that it is WSi, sometimes WSi x (x as lower index):
    tungsten (W) and/or tungsten silicide (WSix), material of the rings. According to Poly/WSi, it is WSi(x), where x - number of silicides.
    Putroppo non riesco a darti più contesto...

    Tra le caratteristiche dello "shadow ring" ci sono: wafer size (mm), apertur size (mm) major flat (mm)...
    The CVD chambers incorporate a non-contact shadow ring to minimize W (tungsten) deposition on the wafer edge and bevel region (here).
    Sometimes they call it "mask ring edge (shadow ring)" (here)
    Usually it is a quartz ring with dielectric properies.
    So, shadow ring, which is placed over but does not contact the wafer, physically masks an annular strip of the wafer near its edge.
    Maybe, in Italian it could be something like "anello di mascheratura", "maschera all'anello" but I haven't found such a term in Italian sources upon CVD, solo "maschera" for litography.
    Ho trovato "anelli di guardia" qui,
    ma sembra che siano qualcos'altro :(
    Comunque potresti indicare "shadow ring" dopo la traduzione, qualunque sia...
    Scusate se insisto con questa discussione, ma non riesco ancira a trovare una traduzione appropriata. Ho trovato questa definizione di "Focus ring":
    In one aspect, the invention is embodied in a plasma reactor for processing a semiconductor wafer, the reactor having a pedestal focus ring surrounding the periphery of the wafer for reducing the process etch rate near the wafer periphery, and plural openings through the pedestal focus ring which permit passage therethrough of particulate contamination, thereby reducing accumulation of particulate contamination near the wafer periphery.
    Vi dice qualcosa?