focuses 2X more broadcast signal through the antenna

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    Hello again,

    I'm back with more antenna-related language that I'm not too sure about.

    Here is my sentence : "The precision engineered reflector focuses 2X more broadcast signal through the antenna."

    So far I have this :
    "El reflector creado por la ingeniería de precisión enfoca 2 veces más la señal emitida a través de la antena"

    I would greatly appreciate any suggestions and/or corrections!

    This website is for the US, so I'm trying to keep it as close as I can to Mexican Spanish.

    Gracias de antemano por su ayuda!
  2. lmgutie

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    Mexican Spanish
    "El reflector con/de precisión de ingeniería enfoca 2 veces más señal emitida hacia la antena"

  3. AO17 Member

    English/French (USA/France)
    Muchas gracias Luis

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