Fold at 45° or fold by 45°?

Gerardo G.

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I'm helping translate origami photo-diagrams. In a particular step the person must make a 45° fold (diagonal fold) with the paper. Which is the correct way of saying this "fold by 45°", "fold at 45°" or is it some other way?

Thank you in advance.
  • Egmont

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    I'd probably say "fold along a 45° line," but I'm not an origami expert.

    If I had to translate this, I'd look at existing origami instructions in English - preferably instructions that were professionally edited or written by native English speakers - and see how they express this concept.


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    Well, I'm no origami expert, Gerardo.

    But of your three options, the only one I would understand is "make a 45° fold":).

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    Warsaw Will

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    You do something at an angle, so at 45°. I would probably say 'fold the paper diagonally (at an angle of 45°)', but 'make a 45° fold' also sounds fine to me. But definitely not by!
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