fold on the budget

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Here is the context:
"On the approaching crest of Clinton's duel with Congress over moving toward a balanced budget without new taxes on the middle class, the Republicans were trying to ram through a $245 billion tax cut when they were $580 billion apart on spending. Whenever they approached serious negotiations, Gingrich [republican leader] faced revolt from a substantial wing of his party that did not want to reach agreement with Clinton on anything. They believed he would fold on the budget, and they did not really care if the government shut down for lack of appropriations or public credit."

What does that mean ?

Thanks for your help
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    It means "give in". When you say "no, no, no" and then later, "oh, ok" then it means you folded or gave in. Sometimes I tell my kids they can't do something and then if they keep bugging me and bugging me I fold on the issue and let them do it.
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