folding complex proteins


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Hello everyone!
This comes from the translation of a medical text I'm doing, referring to the production of proteins to be used therapeutic drugs.
I've found that proteins are commonly said to be folded in english, and I am guessing it must mean something like 'built', but does anyone know the correct term used in Italian?
This is the original sentence:

"Unlike the less-evolved bacterial cells, algae are particularly good at folding complex proteins. In fact, even mammalian cells can't fold certain proteins..."

Thank you in advance for the attention and help!
  • Vekkio

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    I'm not sure, but it can have the literal meaning, "piegare le proteine": a protein is a complex molecule with properties connected with its own shape (and the distances between the amino acids), and there are a few studies on how the geometry of a protein can modify its function.


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    Forse 'formare'? Protein folding generally refers to the physical shape of the proteins, so anything related to geometry will probably work.


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    Sono d'accordo con Vekkio e Charles:
    Affinche' le proteine possano espletare le loro funzioni biochimiche, esse devono ripiegarsi (folding). Il processo di folding rimane tutt'ora un mistero. Quando le proteine non si ripiegano nella maniera corretta (misfolding) si possono verificare problemi molto seri, tra cui malattie ben note come il morbo di Alzheimer, il morbo di Parkinson... (qui)
    Troverai anche una spiegazione buona qui.


    Bilingual Italian, English - American

    This is great, I too think the best is "ripiegare". Not so distant from the english after all. Thanks again for the support!