folio matriz de tierra número

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    ¿Alguien sabe cómo se dice en inglés "folio matriz de tierra número"?
    Se trata de las leyes agrarias en cuanto al establecimiento de un pueblo en México. Pensaba "Orginal copy of land code" pero no me suena bien. Gracias por adelantado.
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    It is not an original copy of the land code, whatever that is supposed to mean. It is a document prepared in Mexico as part of the process of regularization of title, and has certain data involving the master plat and is distinguished from the folios auxiliares which appear--from what I can find--to be records pertaining to the individual parcels assigned from the master plat. If you are referring to a specific document with a document number, I would not try to translate it, but leave it in the original and give the appropriate number. A legal translation would depend on context, which you do not give, and some knowledge of the Código Agrario beyond the scope of this forum. A Mexican real estate lawyer, if any read this, might explain the nature of the Folio Matriz and the Folios Auxiliares.

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