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  1. grev New Member

    Hello. I`m new to the forum so I hope I do not offend anyone, if I do I`m really really sorry.
    My question is how do you translate Follow or Pursue your dreams ?
    I did some searching and I have something like this
    追求您的梦想 , now I do not know if this is right or if it is even in the right order.
    So maybe someone could help me? Thank you xD
  2. xiaolijie

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    Hi Grev, and welcome to the forum! :)

    追求您/你的梦想 sounds fine me. I've just given you an alternative: use 您 if you want to show to be very polite to the person you're talking to, and 你 is the word you'd use more in normal, everyday conversations.

    PS: In the right context, you may also see a translation like this: 追求你自己的梦想, but this may be a bit too advanced at this stage.
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  3. grev New Member

    Thank you for your answer and for the welcom, nice to meet you. I also found this form of the word Pic1.JPG . I can see that the first symbol and last remain the same but the other ones are replaced with the two middle ones. Might this be another possible way to write the word ? And if yes, is it correct?
  4. xiaolijie

    xiaolijie Senior Member

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    This is what is in your photo: 追尋夢想, but it can also be written as 追寻梦想. They both mean the same, they only differ in the style of writing. The first is written in the "traditional style" and the second is in the "simplified style". As a learner, you should concentrate on learning just one style (or you'll get confused :)).
  5. grev New Member

    Hehe, thank you for your time and help . :D

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