1. DannyEspiritu New Member

    Español Lima,Peru
    No entiendo el uso de continuum en estas dos frases.

    He end up proposing the following continuum: ....

    it is easy to imagine that he introduce Innovation all along the continuum.


  2. unGringo Member

    Lima, Peru
    English - American
    Estas oraciones no tienen razon. Quizas con mas del contexto.
  3. DannyEspiritu New Member

    Español Lima,Peru
    It may be time to step back, and ensure we look at innovation for what it really is. So many authors have defined this – but we lose track in day to day colloquial use of the word. I propose the following continuum:

    1. Idea – theory, research, science
    2. Invention – design, engineer, prototype
    3. Innovation – commercialization, delivery, acceptance
    My reasoning is that innovation as a context can apply across all steps in the continuum, And, for the thing going through the process continuum, it doesn’t become an innovation until it is commercialized, delivered and accepted to be fit for the purpose it was designed.

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