1. Euskaldun Senior Member


    How to say "fondeur de cloche" in english. Is it 'bell founder' or with another word? Melt? Cast? Thanks for help.
  2. englishman Senior Member

    English England
    I think "bell maker" would be fine - "founder" is wrong; it means someone who sets up or inaugurates an institution e.g. "Henry VIII was the founder of the school".
  3. Euskaldun Senior Member

    Yes of course, bell maker, it's so simple! Thanks a lot.:)
  4. Tongue-twister New Member

    English (UK)
    I know this was four years ago, but...

    A 'fondeur de cloche' is actually a bell founder in English.

    Just key 'bell founders' (with quotes) into Google and you'll get a load of results in English. There's also a Wikipedia page on 'bellfounding'...
  5. Euskaldun Senior Member

    Four years already? My God! I can't believe it. Thank a lot anyway for your contribution.

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