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    This is the history of an archive.

    "esse (refers to a collection of papers) costituiranno il primo Fondo d’autore dell’Archivio."

    I've had a great time reading the forum entries on fondo, but not found one like this.

    How about "these (papers) will form the basis of the Archive's first writer's collection."
    I don't much like the two apostrophes and I'm not totally sure of "fondo d'autore" -- has it got a meaning I'm not catching? Thanks!
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    Hi gettingby!

    I think the word "fondo" can be translated with "collection".

    In a library, a "fondo" is a part of the book patrimony coming from another library or received it as a gift by a private person and marked with the name of the proprietor/proprietress.

    In your case the collection deals with a single author.

    My attempt:

    "they will form the first author's collection of the archives".

    Your comment will be welcome!:)


  3. gettingby Senior Member

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    Great- yes, that sounds perfect. Thanks.

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