Fonds dominants, fonds servant

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    I'm at lost to understand the meaning of this term " Fond dominants" and Fonds servants
    can someone please shed some light on the subject for me?
    Ce droit de passage sera exercé en tout temps et sans aucune restriction par les propriétaires des fonds dominants,
    my translation:
    This right of passage will be exercised at all time and without any restrictions whatsoever by the owners of the ...? dominating fund?????

    and further down it mentions:
    il sera interdit de stationer dans l'assiette du fond servant

    Parking will be prohibited in the underside of the...? serving fund????

    it's not clear in English and I suspect I do not fully understand the terminology in French
    can someone help me please?
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    Of course it's not clear; it's legal terminology!:rolleyes:

    From the GDT:

    fonds dominant n. m. Fonds, immeuble bâti ou non, bénéficiant de la servitude, dans ce cas appelée servitude active
    English: dominant tenement

    fonds servant n. m. Immeuble bâti ou non bâti assujetti à la charge d'une servitude, dans ce cas appelé servitude passive, au profit du fonds dominant.
    English: servient tenement

    servitude Charge imposée à un immeuble, le fonds servant (servient estate), au profit d'un autre immeuble, le fonds dominant (dominant estate), appartenant à un propriétaire distinct.
    English: easement
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    JHB South Africa
    I am eternally grateful Bloomiegirl,
    I could never have done this without you!
  4. bloomiegirl

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    You're welcome, but I could not have posted without the GDT! :)

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