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  1. Encolpius

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    Praha (Prague)
    magyar (Hungarian)
    Hello, the previous thread started me thinking if there is a standard word order for "food and drink" in languages. How do you say "food and drink"? That word order is, I think, idiomatic. Hungarian: étel-ital - the word order is the same and what's more it is actually one composed word. Czech: jídlo a pití (food and drink).... Thanks. Enc.
  2. arielipi Senior Member

    Hebrew almost always precedes food to drink, in any case
    אוכל ושתיה ochel veshtiya food and drink
    מזון ושתיה mazon ushtiya food and drink
    אש"ל E.SHE.L - Ochel. Shtiya. Lina - food drink and sleep place.
  3. apmoy70

    apmoy70 Senior Member

    In Greek it's (usually) «φαγητό και ποτό» [faʝi'to ce po'to] --> food and drink
  4. ahmedcowon Senior Member

    Also in Arabic, طعام وشراب /Taʕaam wa sharaab/ (food and drink)
  5. Grefsen

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    English - United States
    Norwegian: mat og drikke (food and drink)
  6. Peterdg

    Peterdg Senior Member

    Dutch - Belgium
    Dutch: "eten en drinken".
  7. arielipi Senior Member

    whats the sound 'ʕ' symbolize?
  8. bazq Senior Member

    It's ayin in IPA.
    t-ʕ-m in Hebrew is "taste" (noun and verb) or "to eat a small portion".
    I guess sh-r-b is also a cognate root, meaning "drink" in Arabic, and "very hot weather" in Hebrew?
  9. Ghabi

    Ghabi AL/OL/Ar/Zh mod

    Hong Kong
    It is "drink and food/drinking and eating" in Cantonese (飲食 jam2sik6).
  10. CapnPrep Senior Member

    Mandarin Chinese uses both orders in idiomatic expressions:
    • 吃喝 chīhē "eat drink", using the ordinary words for eat and drink, in phrases like 吃喝嫖赌 "hedonism, living dissolutely, lit. eating drinking whoring gambling"
    • 饮食 yǐnshí "drink eat", using more literary words
  11. mundiya Senior Member

    Hindi, English, Punjabi
    In Hindi, खाना-पीना "khaanaa-piinaa" means "food (and) drink" with "and" being implicit in the phrase.
  12. SuperXW

    SuperXW Senior Member

    吃喝 is usually used as a verb, "eat drink".
    饮食 is usually used as a noun, "drink food".
    For the topic, I think we are talking about the noun. So "drink food".
  13. Youngfun

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    Bắc Kinh
    Wu Chinese & Italian
    饮食 means more like "diet" and cannot always translate "food and drink".
    You can't say for instance "I bought food and drinks" = 我买了饮食:cross:
    I would translate "food and drink" informally as "吃的、喝的"。
    Formally both "饮品、食品" or "食品、饮品" sound OK to me.

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