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    Es una pauta para la buena alimentacion del cuerpo, publicado por USDA. Aparece en todas partes como una grafica en forma de piramide. Que les parace piramide nutricional?

    Sample sentence:
    The food guide piramid should be seen as a helpful guide to eating healthy, not as a strict regimen.

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  2. Jobani

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    I recently translated a document with the phrase "food guide piramid" as "guía pirámide de alimentos." Espero te ayude.
  3. ERASMO_GALENO Senior Member

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    I think pirámide nutricional is just fine,

  4. supersnoopy

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    I agree with Erasmo, Piramide Nutricional is a good option. I've also seen it as Piramide Alimentaria or Piramide de Alimentos.

  5. Tylerbrain

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    I've also heard "pirámide alimentaria", which I think it's even more common - at least in Spain.
  6. fsabroso

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    Hola Hanna,

    Como todos estoy de acuerdo con "Piramide Nutricional".

  7. StarryJ Member

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    What is the correct way to say the Daily Food Guide Pyramid, as in the US Dept. of Agriculture's recommended dietary plan? I have Guía Piramidal Diaria de Comidas. I looked on but try finding information there!
  8. Marxelo

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    Castellano Rioplatenseámide_alimentaria
  9. el_novato

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    That is which comes in ceral boxes.

    "Pirámide de la alimentación diaria" It comes without the word "guide" in its tittle. In fact, that is its meaning (to be a guide).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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